In this increasingly digital age, developing a strong online presence is essential, especially for educators, scholars, authors, and activists who rely upon their networks to reach a broader audience, to share information, and to affect change. In an effort to achieve that goal, Dr. Varlack has developed over the years accounts on a number of different social media platforms always kept public for transparent and open communication with those who would like to engage with his scholarly and creative work. 

Online, he is focused on promoting critical conversation about the racial and sociopolitical landscape of the twenty-first century as well as providing insight into the lasting significance of authors past--figures such as Claude McKay, Langston Hughes, and others whose literary works provide a framework for analyzing issues that we still struggle to hand in the modern world. An extension of his research, these posts are a starting place for more in-depth inquiries through the conference papers, journal articles, book chapters, etc. that he produces. 

From time to time, Dr. Varlack also posts videos or streams content from events sponsored by the Langston Hughes Society as well as the College Language Association not only to maintain a historical record of the important work that these organizations do but also to build a sense of community and network so vital for his field. Feel free to follow him today on Twitter and Facebook to be an active part of the conversations that he strives to raise.

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